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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my body rocks the rhythm

So last weekend was filled with dress up parties! I coulda swore Halloween was moved to last weekends dates, hah.

Anyways. Friday was a cowboy & indians dance party. I had waited for hours on figuring out if I was going there or to the mutual friends house. After figuring it out the mutual friends house was having a birthday party for someone we did not know, my friend Mariah and I ended up following my friends Phylisha and Lauren to another friends house. We thought they were having a party, but upon arrival everyone had left to the cowboy & indians party. By this time I had received two texts for other parties, but Mariah had to go home. So my Friday night wasnt what I expected it to be, at all, but it was still cool to kick it for a while.

So on Saturday there was an "animal party" at a friends house, and a party at Club 21 called Risque they have every month. The animal party was a party where you dress up as an animal. Kinda fun ahah :] At Risque, these 3 local DJs host and DJ it. I havent been since I'm 17, but I used to attend their parties all the time because they used to have them at houses. But since they would always get shut down, they moved to a club which is only for 18+. Sucks.  My friend did say I could use her ID though, since we look alike, but I just ended up going to the animal party, which was pretty fun. I met some new friends, got to dance just a bit, and spend time with all my girls which hasnt happened in a while.

Andddd on Sunday, well, I got to go out because we had no school Monday! Haha. My friends and I went to "hpp", which stands for Harry Potter Party. Ahaha. Yes, sounds lame, I'm not sure why it was called that though because the party had nothing to do with that. Anyways. All my close friends were there. It was more like a kickback, but I had alot of fun socializing and dancing around :]

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