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Monday, January 11, 2010

Helllpp Im Alivee

So on my last Saturday (Jan. 9th) of Winter Break we had to make it AWESSOMMME! So we were headed out to this Elk Grove party, when this girl Linda sent us a bunch of texts to hecka other parties! Haha. We ditched the Elk Grove one and went to a Frat Party in Woodland! It was soo packed and pretty crackin' but we didnt know anyone there. So we left. We were headded to another college party in Davis, buuuut, all of our friends were back in Natomas at the mutual friends house. By the way his name is Curtis. Oh! And this girl we know named Sabrina lives there too. So anyways, we just headed back there. It was pretty chill. Friends were just dancing to Chris' DJing and it was just real laidback with all the closest of friends there. Some of us got real hungry while being there haha so Mariah took us to Mcdonalds. Before going we danced it out a bit to Metric on Mariahs kickass Firebird car! When we got to Mickeys their milkshake machine was broken! which sucked! But they had Vanilla ice cream? So I asked them to just dump that into a cup haha. I had it with french fries . It was pretty bomb... After that, Phylisha Lauren Natalie and I  were  headed back to my place when we ran into Phylishas super old friend Johnny on the road haha. He invited us over to his house with all his friends and we just chilled in their garage for what felt like forever. Then they showed us Johnnys camera collection, which was pretty tight. We stayed there til like 4 then headed on home. I would say the night was pretty successful :]

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