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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inifinity Ihop Pancakes Teaser

So my past weekend was pretty chill. I didnt party or anything for once! Just laid back with my friends and had a fun time.

Friday I hung out with my friend Mariah, then we went to this guy Bundys apartment complexes and chilled outside his house with our friends. After that we took our two friends Chris and Kyle with us to this guy Johns house. Where we met up with Phylisha, Lauren, Tim, and then everyone who lived at Johns. We just chilled there, eventually Mariah and them left, I stayed, and went home around 3.

Yeah, they were drunk hahah.

Saturday, I hung out with my friends Neggeen and Zac for a long time while we waited for Phylisha and Lauren to wake up. Once they did they picked up Tim and met up with us at In n Out. After that we went to Johns house. Hung out there, listened to music, played a lil Xbox hahaha. After that we all went to Ihop because we were so hungry! Hahaha. Zac and I got milkshakes, and Neggeen got the "endless pancakes" hahaha $20 for however many you want + a meal. We all ate that, and after the first round the lady tells us we cant share it with everyone, which totally blowed! We were pissed hahaha. So we left. After paying of courseeee :) Haha.
And we all just went home, which ended in me finally getting to bed at about 6 a.m. Ha!

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