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Ma names Tenisha, 17 goin on 18... Currently trying to figure out what I want in this so called life.

"Be Yourself. Be Confident. Smile with your heart. Seduce with your eyes." -DVF
"You look beautiful today. But I think its just cause you're in all black" -Andrew Mukamal

Monday, January 11, 2010

The 8th... In the A.M. :]

My two big bros came over unexpectedly! They haven't been over in forever so I was so exciteddd to see them at my door. Hahah. They aren't my real brothers, but they are basically family to me and mines! On the left is Josh, and on the right is Anri :] Two cool facts about them... Josh is gay, haha, and Anri is from Bosnia! Cool ey? Oh and in the back is our friend Nick. He came over as well. Haha.

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