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Monday, January 11, 2010

The 7th in the A.M. !

My friends Lauren and Phylisha came to pick me up at like 1 A.M. because they were so bored! Haha. We had absolutely nothing to do so we went and picked up our friends Tim and Natalie. We WERE gunna go ghost hunting, ahaha! But instead we just went to Super Walmart, which isnt the greatest, but it gives you alot of things to look at and play around with. Ahaha. Of course we looked at the phones and all the electronics...with escelated to pressing the play button on the tinkerbell movie, which played on like 10 screens. Ahaha. Then we went and played in the toy section for a bit, butting heads with helmits, riding bikes, and dancing around. Then we ended up getting in the cosmetics and book sections. In the end all that was bought was some Pockey by Natalie. Haha! Phylisha and I laid in the street after looking for Laurens car forever, after walking Natalie to her apartment door. Lol. She wanted to show me how it makes you feel like you have no control at all, which it totally did! If a car had came around the corner we totally would have died... Ha! In the end it was pretty chill, and we all got dropped off, and I went straight to bed around 4 in the morning :]

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