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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'll be up up and away, up up and away...

So last night my friends Nati, Natalie, Jessica, Celina and I went to our friend Curtiss house for  a party! It was alot of fun! It was soo  different because it was a huge party compared to what he normally throws so there was alot of random people there. Alot of different people, hahah. The music was also very different! They got a different DJ for once and he played hip hop the whole time, when we are all used to hearing electro or dance music! It was a nice change though and I really enjoyed hearing a change in music ! Hah.
Heres some picture from after the party ahahah, my friend keeps taking our friend Ants hats! He always forgets to get them back before he leaves parties!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

and the party dont start til i walk in...

On the 28th my friend Neggeen and I had a party! It was so much fun! So many of our friends showed up and we had the funnest time just dancing and enjoying company. I didnt get to talk to that many people because I had to regulate alot of things going on! But I still had fun. Our friend Chris was the DJ and he did a very good job hahah. I took lots of picture and here are some to share with you :D

As we left heading back home we got a flat tire! Thankfully we had our guy friends there so we fixed it and got out of the side of the freeway! Grabbed some Taco Bell! And finally fell asleep at 7 A.M. (:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'd rather eat a cookie than...

Last weekend my friends Natalie, Neggeen, Maya, Alex and I went to a Christmas party, after Cobblestone. It was very last minute so they weren't really dressed up. But thankfully I just love dressing up at all times when going out so I was ready ready ready! hahaha. The craziest thing happened while we were there.
 A couple years ago this girl broke into my house and stole my money, camera, my aunts laptop, and a few other things. Thankfully we got it all back but we got a restraining order against her and she went to Rehab haha. Being a druggie and all. So obviously she eventually got out, and she was there! At the party. Hahaha. She came up to me and said sorry and stuff but I wasn't into it and was quite rude to her. But its what she gets, right?!
Anyways. It didnt ruin my night I still had alot of fun with my girls!...and guy haha. My friend Chris who invited us, and was also the photographer of the party, took some pictures of me so I will have to put those up when I get them (:
Oh and I was wearing my new lace dress! I'll post better pictures of it later. My moms black cardigan. Hearts necklace. And I was wearing these cute high heels my ex got me hahaha. YAY!

Some funny quotes of the night:
"Id rather eat another cookie than see his face again"
"Hes like a dirty James Franco!"
"Lesbi Lesbi Lesbi!"


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Merrimaking Hoods
Leopard, Lamb, Panda, Bear.

I love these! It totally makes me wish Halloween didnt pass already.
They're so cute!


Brittany Murphy.