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Monday, December 07, 2009

Chicka Chicka

Christmas Wishlist! ;)

I want it all! I want it all!

Jane Aldridge bow shoes (Urban), Collin Stuart Pink Foldover Booties (VS, sold out everywhere :( ), Brown Fur Slipper BOOTS lol (Urban), Black Oxford Flats (Urban), Heart Tights (Missselfridge or Topshop), Kissing Cousins Necklace & Poker & Tooth necklace (Girlsprops), Lion Ring (Missselfridge), Pink Pear Necklace (Missselfridge), Boombox 2-finger Ring (Girlprops), Red Lips Tights (Missselfridge), Purple and Pink Floral Blazer (LaVintage), Zip Over-the-knee Boot (Charlotte Ruse), Feather Necklace (Missselfridge), We Who See Field Boot (Urban), Purple Vintage Dress (Missselfridge), Snake Ring (Missselfridge), Black Sam Edelman "Joss" Flat Laceless Boots with Studs (Bloomingdales), Black Laceups (Forever21), Studded Gloves (Topshop), Black Buttoned Knee Highs (Topshop), Purple Plaid Skirt (Forever 21), Purple Sam Edelman "Joss" Flat Laceless Boots with Studs (Bloomingdales), Purple Floral Scarf (Missselfridge), Pink Necklush (Necklush), Black Metallic Headband (Forever 21), Black & White Stripped Skirt (Topshop).

YAY! Although I'm sure I'll get none of this, I can still wish for it and admire looking at all of it!

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