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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'd rather eat a cookie than...

Last weekend my friends Natalie, Neggeen, Maya, Alex and I went to a Christmas party, after Cobblestone. It was very last minute so they weren't really dressed up. But thankfully I just love dressing up at all times when going out so I was ready ready ready! hahaha. The craziest thing happened while we were there.
 A couple years ago this girl broke into my house and stole my money, camera, my aunts laptop, and a few other things. Thankfully we got it all back but we got a restraining order against her and she went to Rehab haha. Being a druggie and all. So obviously she eventually got out, and she was there! At the party. Hahaha. She came up to me and said sorry and stuff but I wasn't into it and was quite rude to her. But its what she gets, right?!
Anyways. It didnt ruin my night I still had alot of fun with my girls!...and guy haha. My friend Chris who invited us, and was also the photographer of the party, took some pictures of me so I will have to put those up when I get them (:
Oh and I was wearing my new lace dress! I'll post better pictures of it later. My moms black cardigan. Hearts necklace. And I was wearing these cute high heels my ex got me hahaha. YAY!

Some funny quotes of the night:
"Id rather eat another cookie than see his face again"
"Hes like a dirty James Franco!"
"Lesbi Lesbi Lesbi!"


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