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Ma names Tenisha, 17 goin on 18... Currently trying to figure out what I want in this so called life.

"Be Yourself. Be Confident. Smile with your heart. Seduce with your eyes." -DVF
"You look beautiful today. But I think its just cause you're in all black" -Andrew Mukamal

Monday, January 11, 2010

The 8th pm & 9th am.

My friend Natalie had a birthday party on the 8th. It was super fun! I woke up and went to the hospital. Then went to the mall with my friends Neggeen, Nikkole, and Tyler. We got Natalie some presents and then headed over to her party. I brought her brownies too! They were super yummy, haha. After her party I went with Phylisha, Lauren and Tim to a beerpong party. It was this guys party that went to my school. So random! He had already graduated, he remembered me though so it was all goood. After that we went to another party, where the guy throwing it remembered me too! Hahaha. Then there was more beer pong there. After those 3 semi-party kickback type thangs, I went and stayed the night at Phylishas! I havent been to her house in soo long. I had fun though, even if I did fall asleep quite fast. I was so tired! (:

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