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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1/29 Weekend

Saturday! My friends and I went to a rave called Super Duper Bowl 4 ! It was sooo much fun :] Way better then last year haha. At least to me.

I went with Natalie, Neggeen, Tim, and our new friend Stephanie.
Like everrrryone I know was there! It was awesome, hah.

Then on Saturday I had a verrrry small kickback/movie night :]
Neggeen, Natalie, Zac, Tim, came over. And our friends Anri, Ant, and Kaleb stopped by for a bit.
Twaaas funnnn. We watched this crazy movie called High Tension hahaha. Then Dude Wheres My Car? Ha! Worsssst movie ever.
Unfortunately I have no pictures for memory of this night except for the ones in my head :( Haha.

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