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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am an island.

I am.

And you know what?
I want a beautiful room.
Remodel time soon :)

You know what else I want?
Well, I have a list!
Black & Brown Sandals.
Brown Studed Ankle Boots.
Floral Chiffon Skirt.
^^^ I think I am going to buy those tomarrow :)

I want my mom to buy me an American Apparel red skirt for my birthday. I'm going to SF next weekend so hopefully we can stop by there and she will buy me one. I've been wanting one for like a year now! Damnit! And i have a great outfit for it. Two Words: Daria Shirt :)
Oh and I think she is going to buy a Necklush! I want like allll of them! They are such a great idea, I wish I thought of it.

I also want:
School Girl Shoes.
Painterly Canvas Flats.
Record Necklace.
Lace Sunglasses.
Denim Skirt.

Thats all for now :)

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