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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday MGMT.

OMGOSH. Ive been so behind!

Life is just too busy.
Okay so my birthday was on the 17th (: It was pretty funnnn!
Wow so here is whats been going on.

On the 16th Friday, I drove down to SF with my mom after finding out that tickets had sold out for the Treasure Island Music Festival, which really sucks because then my boyfriend couldnt go! Anyways. I drove down there and met up with my moms friend and her 2 daughters, and one of their friends. We are all basically family, yet not. So we got there and basically ate, got ready, and went straight to American Apparel. Hahah I got a purple skirt, purple thigh highs, and a black leather sparkly tight skirt. They were really cute. From there we went straight to the movie theaters! And guessss what we watched! WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Awwwwe, hahah I love that movie. "Ill eat you up I love you so". Hmmm, def. not a kids movie. Its kind of scary. Hahah. Anyways. After that we went to the hotel and slept. Hahah. The next day we woke up and got ready for the music festival! Eddie came to SF from his friend James house in Hayward for my birthday :) He met us at the hotel. Eddie brought his guitar to play for me but unfortunately it didnt reallly work out hahah uhhh.. From there we went to the concert in which the taxi driver dropped us off in this weird spot where no one was around haha. Oh, Eddie still didnt have his ticket. ANDDD the people with us were Myriah and Indigo, the daughter and friend. Lol. Anyway, after about an hour we found the spot to be where the buses take us to the island!! We got on and went to the island, meanwhile searching for a ticket which was never found. So once we got to the concert, Eddie & I said our goodbyes. He got back on the bus and left. FORGETTING HIS MONEY IN MY WALLET. So he had to come back and I handed it over through the gate thang at the front entrance hahah. Then I guess when he got back onto the bus he said "I need a ticket anybody got one? Anyone?" And some lady sold him one for $150 :O But it was worth it to him because he looooves MGMT...and it was my birthday :p So anyways. The whole day was full of music and GRREAAATTT pizza, oh and indian leather headbands. So cute. Hahah. Eddie bought me one, they were $45! Lol. Ill take a picture of it lattaaahh. So, MGMT kinda sucks in concert but whatever, I would say that Passion Pit was DEFFFFINATELY my favorite! They are so incredibly amazing in concert hahah so lively. My second favorite was MURS =) I got a great picture of him hahah that one will definitely go up! Hmmm. After the concert there was a cool after party type thing. It was cool :]]]] Eddie and I went on his first Ferris Wheel ride! Hahah. And Myriah lost her wallet with lots of money in it and our taxi money :( Damn. Anyway. After being in the line for the bus for an hour, we got back and went to HAPPY DONUTS. Hahah which I thought only existed in Eureka, but I guess not! Mmm was that delicioso. Haha! After thattt we went back to the hotel, Eddie spent the night over, I got a cake and decoration suprise. Yet still no happy birthday. It went kinda bad. The night was ruinued. THE END. Hahhaha.
The next day all of us except Eddie went to this good Thai food resturant. Mmmm! And I got sent out a happy birthday cupcake thing and a happy birthday song. It hurt my tummy. Hahah. But it was cool.
After that my mom and I said our goodbys and went by American Apparel one more time. I just haaaad to exchange the leather skirt for these pink sunglasses I had been eyeing from the moment we stepped in! hahahahh. Love emmm.
And thats that :) Fun time. Pictures up laterrr!


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