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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Outside Lands 2010.

he's holding my hand :]
Outside Lands was the funnest disaster I've ever dealt with! Fun because I got to listen to great music live, work at it which helped make some cool connections, and I got to know the city better which I've came to love (and I didn't like it so much before this, thinking it's very overrated). Who would think any disaster could come out of this? Well it did. I only got to know the city so well because we had car troubles for a whole week after. First, lost keys. Second, they had to be shipped from New Jersey. Third, the car was dead once we got the keys. Fourth, had to take it to the shop. After all those disastrous factors, we got the heck outta the city and back to Humboldt County! I got some serious knowledge of the city and came to know every hippie on Haight that week. I think it was a good experience for myself.

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  1. It looks like great fun, and this fury caps are so funny!