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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Electric Daisy Carnival

If you've seen the news, or read anything about it, it was as crazy as everyone's making it seem. I saw a lot of blood, fights, vomit, and some other pretty crazy stuff that weekend that shouldn't be said.
At the event my friend got her backpack stolen within the first couple hours of being there, which set back some plans for the rest of the weekend. In that backpack were phones, tickets for the next day, her camera, passports, money, and car keys. It wasn't just her stuff either but other people we had came with had stuff in it too. Fortunately for me, I had my friend Myriahs and my own stuff in my own mini backpack. So I was in no trouble.
Besides all these unfortunate events it was a pretty awesome weekend. Although I wasn't on the main floor, I got to see Deadmau5 for the second time and they were great. Dada Life was really good to see. A-Trak & Travis were amazing. Basement Jaxx was awesome. MSTRKRFT was awesome!! Dirty South was someone I'd been waiting to see and they were just as amazing as I thought theyd be :) I was also introduced to a dj I'd never heard of, Chuckie, who was really good!

Oh, and we had to hitchhike back to our hotel at 4 in the morning cause cabs suck!

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