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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fly like a Bird

My friend Myriah and I saw these girls at Coachella that had feathers in their hair. It was the cuuutest thing ever and we wanted them so badly! We followed them to the bathrooms just to ask where and how they got them put in, the girl Sarah told us that her friend does them at their tent. So Myriah got her tent area and her number, although her phone was dead. The next morning we looked for her tent, and after searching in the heat we came to find out that they had already packed up and left. Sadlyyy :(((
When Myriah got home though, she got them done at a Salon but figured out to do it herself. Then she did it to me this past weekend! And after that I've found a fashion show at Australia Fashion Week where the models have feathers in their hair.
Feathers just seem to be so innn! I love them.

Oh yea, the funniest thing, I found a pictures of the girls with the feathers in their hair from Coachella! I found it on The Cobrasnakes site. Haah. I'll put up the ones of me and my friend with em laterrr. (=

The Models of The Stolen Girlfriends Club


  1. love these looks! totally love the feathers in their hair too. :)

  2. cooooool posts!!!!!!

    lovely outfits!!!!!!

    great blog u have!!!!!!!

    thanx for ur sweet comm>:))